Album Asym Black Asym Regular

True Ames
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 From True Ames 

This three fin setup was designed for asymmetrical surfboards by Matt Parker of Album Surfboards and the crew at True Ames. The larger toe side fin will harness power and drive off the bottom while the two smaller heel side fins are meant for tight and responsive re-directional turns. After rigorous development and then testing, we have full confidence that these performance-oriented asym fins will keep each rail engaged and every transition harmoniously balanced.

**For Regular Foot Asym Surfboards

(Toe Side Fin)

HEIGHT: 5.31" / 133mm

BASE: 4.85" / 123 mm

AREA: 21.96”² / 134.20 cm²

(Heel Side Fins)

HEIGHT: 4.53" / 115 mm

BASE: 4.59" / 117 mm

AREA: 15.18”² / 98.0 cm²

HEIGHT: 3.56" / 90 mm

BASE: 3.96" / 101 mm

AREA: 10.74”² / 69.30 cm²

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Album Asym Black Asym Regular