Sun Damage is a four part movie by Dom Sullivan for Wild Things, in association with CRÈME and Gato Herói. Part I of Sun Damage features Myles Doughman, Kahu Andronicus, Max Weston and Kai Ellice-Flint mainly surfing the pointbreaks around Byron set to 'Revivialised' by The Wheelers of Oz.

Part II features Kai Ellice-Flint, Kahu Andronicus, Max Weston, Harry Reid, Jack Lynch, Andy Findlay, Jessamyn Jean, Myles Doughman and Maddie Gross. The tune is 'Pipe Dreams' by Regular Spread, a bedroom jazz four-piece from Melbourne.

PART III was filmed in California featuring Myles Doughman (with a quick cameo from Dom). The soundtrack to this section is 'Faceless Man' by the Family Jordan.

PART IV was filmed mainly in Noosa this summer (including a few waves from Cyclone Oma filmed by Jessamyn Jean). Surfers featured are Robin Falxa (France), Kai Ellice-Flint, Kahu Andronicus and Myles Doughman. The soundtrack to this section is 'Berg' by the Dollah Llamas. 


Kai 9’7 Playboy, 7’8 Speed Acid, 10’ Smooth Operator
Myles 10’ Smooth Op 9’8 Playboy 8’0 Speed Acid
Andy 8’11 Spacepig 7’11 Spacepig PG 9’6 Smooth Operator
Harry 9’4 Playdate 5’10 Anti-fish 5’5 Gato Twin
Maddy 9’2 Playboy
Jessamyn 8’11 Spacepig
Max 8’1 Acid
Jack 9’6 BMT Cruiser
Robin Falxa 9’6 Playboy
Dom BMT Needle 6’9
Kahu 9’10 CRÈME California

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