Peto Flex Volan 9.75

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Designed by talented surfer, shaper, and photographer Dane Peterson - the Peto Flex fins are the newest offering in our signature Volan lineup. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to collaborate with Dane who is so intimately familiar with surfboard and fin design. He has a finely tuned knack for knowing exactly how he wants a fin to perform, and was able to precisely dictate what he was searching for while developing these new longboard fins.

The Peto Flex fins have a unique template designed for plenty of speed, hold, and projection all whilst feeling especially lively and responsive due to these specially designed foils.

Our Volan fins are fine tuned with a precision foil as well as proper flex. They are handcrafted in Santa Barbara, CA and go through the strictest quality control. Fins made with Volan fiberglass and properly aligned for optimal weave orientation have very high performance flex characteristics — with the flex coming more from the body of the fin rather than just at the tip.

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Peto Flex Volan 9.75