Mackie Mini Keel Thruster Futures Yellow

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( 3 Fin Set ) Futures Compatible: What do you get when you combine a tri fin setup with some classic keel twin fin inspiration? .....The Mackie Mini Keel Thruster! These wide based keel designs with shallow depth create a thruster setup that is designed to provide maximum drive and projection. The thruster keel template provides plenty of hold and gives serious stability to wide tail surf craft.  The shallow depth reduces drag and allows for tremendous down the line speed and projection.  

  • Rear trailer fin has slightly less rake and less base length in order to loosen things up slightly
  • Front fins have a flat inside foil, rear fin has a standard 50/50 foil
  • Solid fiberglass construction, flat matte finish

( Front Fins )
HEIGHT: 4.00" / 102 mm  
BASE: 7.39" / 188 mm
AREA: 18.33?? / 118.28 cm?

( Back Fins )
HEIGHT: 3.94" / 100 mm  
BASE: 6.62" / 168 mm
AREA: 16.17?? / 97.50 cm?

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Mackie Mini Keel Thruster Futures Yellow