Mackie Big Twin + Trailer Futures Yellow

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( 3 Fin Set ) Futures Compatible Twins + FCS Compatible Trailer: A unique offering by way of the successful Australian shaper Mick Mackie, the Big Twin + Trailer is a fun design meant to fill not only a small niche of surfboard design, but can rather be used on a broad spectrum in many types of surf craft. The Big Twin features a larger area than most twins and has a longer base. The size and profile lands it somewhere between a classic keel and traditional twin. The generous amount of area will provide great drive, yet it stall retains some of the intrinsic looseness featured in most twin designs. The low profile keeled trailer offers a bit extra hold and stability, and adds a bit extra juice when down-the-line drive is required. 

(Front - Twin)
HEIGHT: 5.37" / 137 mm  
BASE: 6.03" / 154 mm
AREA: 23.27?? / 150.10 cm?

(Rear - Trailer)
HEIGHT: 2.13" / 54 mm  
BASE: 6.47" / 165 mm
AREA: 8.76?? / 54.52 cm?

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Mackie Big Twin + Trailer Futures Yellow