Lite Kite 5'7

Ellis Ericson
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From Ellis: 'This batch is my latest work of Lite Kites and a continuation of Edge-Board pursuits combined with a dive into the multi Fin universe. Mixing what I've learnt from years riding heavily edged surfboards with my background in performance surfing and the need to go vertical.

The Shape consists of a heavily contoured nose entry that births two parabolic chine panels and a central concave from nose to tail. The chine panels create a forward 'Rail Vee' and a planning surface that spins from convex to concave throughout the outline. This new 'Rail Vee' shape is a more passive version of true edge design and has been lessened in severity to harmonise with the dominant Quad fins.

The undulating characteristics of this shape create a flattened central rocker line for speed and trim, While the rail line is elevated for manoeuvre-ability as the chine panels lift into the nose. In short: a flatter board when riding trim combined with the benefits of a more rocker-ed board when on rail and throughout turns.

A wide tail exists to keep the planning area up around the quad fins, whilst swallow cutaway slightly reduces volume for a touch more sensitivity under the back foot.

The quad set has an organic sail-like shape template that features an Aero foil with an inside concave for extra laminar flow adhesion. I found this template to be a great compliment to the Lite Kite design and initial speed generation has been unparalleled in my testings.

A Domed 'S Deck' line places the majority of foam distribution between riders' stance for paddle-ability and the crowning of the deck gives the rider more leverage off the water surface. Extra hidden foam under the back foot creates lift when depressed for a positive pushback feeling throughout turns. The dome rolls into a contemporary 'C' rail for performance and predictability when needed.

To the future rider, I hope you enjoy my concepts and feel each control input under your feet working in unison to better your surfing experience.

These four surfboards were Hand-Shaped on the mid-north Coast of New South Wales, Australia - with no computers or machines involved for the production of this product.'

Moss green deck, terracotta bottom

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Lite Kite 5'7
Lite Kite 5'7
Lite Kite 5'7
Lite Kite 5'7