Kai Fin 9.75 Volan

Wild Things
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Kai is one of the of the best longboarders of his generation, with a smooth but radical style in any conditions. Ever-curious with an obsessive attention to detail, he brings an analytical approach to his surfing and designs. Kai has been instrumental in testing and providing feedback for our single fin range, so releasing a fin design together was a no brainer! Kai was searching for a fin template that would have better control than your average longboard fin in surf of the 3-5ft range, particularly when the waves are more powerful. He needed something that would release with control, when other fins would tend to spin out. This fin also works great in 1-2ft surf where there?s draw off the bottom and a bit more juice in the wave, pivoting well and providing excellent noseriding control.

Material: Volan

Height: 9.75" (248mm)
Base: US
Foil: 50/50

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Kai Fin 9.75 Volan