Ellis Ericson Edgeboard 7?6

Ellis Ericson
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Ellis Ericson Edgeboard

7?6 x 21 ? x 2 5/8

George Yellow deck with Matilda green bottom

Less wetted surface area causes a reduction in drag.

Edge Concepts by George Greenough ? surfboard shaped by Ellis Ericson.

Hotwired and Handshaped on the North Coast of Australia

Edgeboards are designed to handle a multitude of conditions. The bottom contour is split into two planning surfaces; A central planning Hull and a concaved edge exterior rail. This design allows the board to remain wide and stable at low speeds i.e. whilst paddling and initial take off then as the surfboard increases hull speed, the shape will lift onto the central plane and begin to shed water from the pronounced edge. Through the central plane exists a slight single concave to double concave and exit V just under the fin. When up and riding the wetted surface area is drastically reduced as hard edges start to release water earlier from the outline - drag is lessened and thus speed is increased in every aspect.

These features combined with a well-balanced Fin should create a lively ride and a ?much smaller board? feeling as you ride the wave. 

Edge boards are designed for a mindful surfer and someone wanting to deepen their experience in surfboard design and the possibilities of Wave riding. This is not a passive design, and the history of these Greenough concepts should be sought out to deepen your surfing experience and understanding of what goes on beneath your feet.

Recommend fins: Power Blade 8.8 or Greenough Highspeed 8.9

Please note: this is a vacuum-sealed surfboard and should not be left in extreme heat situations.

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Ellis Ericson Edgeboard 7?6
Ellis Ericson Edgeboard 7?6
Ellis Ericson Edgeboard 7?6
Ellis Ericson Edgeboard 7?6