Duozer 7'1

Neal Purchase Jnr
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From NPJ:

"The Duo blends variables of Singles and Twin Fins but it produces a smooth deep drive unlike anything else I have ridden.“

I created my version of two straight single fins or a Duo in April of 2015. Merging feelings of splitting a single fin out to a point where you don’t have to tow them in, as opposed to having a twin fin and their single foiled fin close to the rail with tow.

This is the next and final stage of pushing boundaries of this fin configuration.
I decided to take the fins from 6 inches apart to 7 inches apart with slightly different tail widths and rockers to compensate.
I finally went 8 inches apart with a 70 / 30 flat inner foil and found I had hit a dead end and became sticky through turns, this placement therefore requires tow and can’t.

These are my latest incarnation of the smoothest pivotal drive in surfing and I personally prefer them to the Single fins due to their hold and release and also the 2+1’s because they are faster.
The fins are now 6 3/4 in height and set at 7 1/4 from the tail x 7 inches apart with 4 degrees cant and no tow…

I’ve been working on these side bites with the Duo set up for a while now, with an interest in added hold, and drive out of the second half off the turn. I’m totally confident now this works perfectly with the Duo or Stingfish Duo design, adding more bite and release with the option of riding as a straight Duo as well.

7’1 X 20 3/4 X 2 3/4- Clear top & bottom, Double volan cut laps, includes fins

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Duozer 7'1
Duozer 7'1
Duozer 7'1
Duozer 7'1