Chippa Drift ST Grey

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"Chippa Wilson signature thruster set. ""Fast and Loose - this set is perfect for that thruster that feels a lil sticky, won't roll from edge to edge / like you can't let loose enough, and the board just wants to go straight. Throw these suckers in and it'll change all of that. These came from a lil mishaps I had in Indonesia many years ago. I had a fresh batch of boards and for some reason they wanted to go dead straight so threw in some upright twins in with a smaller stabiliser and it free'd them up perfectly. That set up was pretty extreme, so I have dialled them in to what you see here!"" - Chippa "

Material: Honeycomb

Side height: 4.75 (121mm)
Rear height: 4.1 (104mm)
Base: Single tab (Futures)
Foil: Flat

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Chippa Drift ST Grey