Birdwell Mens Competition Jacket Navy & Gold

A badge of honor for more than 50 years. Slim cut.

In the 1960s, a Birdwell Competition Jacket was a highly coveted status symbol in the California surf scene. As competitive surfing gained popularity, wearing one with a matching pair of our Birdies marked a surfer as a member of a team or club — and often resulted in nods of respect or feelings of envy at the local break or boardwalk. Cut from the same sail-inspired nylon and constructed with the same attention to detail as our board shorts, these light jackets are perfectly clocked to cut the wind on an early morning surf check or bring some classic surf style to a night out on the town.

The Men’s Comp Jacket holds true to the original design Birdwell created so many years back. Just like our board shorts, every competition jacket is crafted from 2-ply SurfNyl™️ and double-stitched for unbeatable durability by expert craftspeople in Santa Ana, California. While there are other light jackets out there, we doubt you’ll find another with this much history and classic surf style to back it up.


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