Check out Andy and Kai surfing the Roach on some fun beachies down the coast last month! This is the latest Roach that Robin released on his 2024 trip to OZ has some subtle design improvements. There is slightly more area all round particularly in the tail allowing it to turn on a dime, it's also flatter, faster and incredibly refined behind the fin, providing great control and stability in hollow waves. This latest version once again references the MP Kirra stubbie outline and and to surf, it feels reminiscent of the way that board looked under his feet... Robin wanted a board that he could travel with that was flat enough to be fast and work in average waves but would have enough foam to paddle into bigger waves and hold in if it got hollow. RK is about 6'2 and 80-85 Kgs and has been surfing his new Roach at 6'4 x 21 5/16 x 3 1/8. We are surfing our one a little thinner at 3' thick. The new roach has been impressing us in a range of conditions — it's been really fun on open faced pointbreaks but has also really blown our minds on beach breaks. The board turns tight and it's super fast and really agile in punchy waves. This is an incredibly fun board.
Surfers: Kai Ellice-Flint, Andy Findlay
Cinematographer: Milo Inglis
Edit: Jack Lynch