The idea behind the EXOTIC AQUATIC DANCES is that of combining music and surf, always trying to find between both elements the balance that perfectly defines surfing. Finding rythms, cadence, pulse, tempos that may be used to reinforce, and highlight the moves of a given surfer, at a given wave. That is why these videos are edited with footage shot in one single session.
The beauty of Longboarding lies basically in one key element, Style, and that one is unique, personal, and non-transferable. Style is a combination of factors, the wave, the board, the fin, experience, concentration, repetition, muscular memory... but above all, Style is the way the surfer has to read the wave, to interpret movement, to feel the energy and to link his steps and maneuvers in a fluid, light and harmonious way.
Riding a wave is much like dancing, the surfer has to flow and feel, the wave is his music. His way of interpreting the movement, of integrating himself into the rythm, to take the steps at the right moment, without skipping a beat, decorating each move with his own signature, that is STYLE.
Clovis Donizetti, is probably the most talented french classic longboarder nowadays. His style is based on an easygoing and precise flow that is mainly influenced by the great early Californian longboarders, seasoned with that unique touch that defines french longboarders, the real guardians of the European Continental Old School.

Clean classic moves with no extra decoration, keeping it simple, neat and clean. Less is more.
Since he first came to surf in the Salinas Longboard Festival, many of us fell in love with his ways. Always close, always friendly. Always calm. That is Clovis and this, his Exotic Aquatic Dance, was shot with little time, during dusk a late day in August in San Vicente de la Barquera, northern Spain, while he was testing in relatively small waves, his new Fat Cat de Crèam shaped by Robin Kegel