The fourth surf club meet and first annual ‘away event’ was held halfway between Byron and Sydney and a wonderful weekend was had by all.

Most rolled in to Crescent Head on the Friday arvo, with some lucky enough to catch a late surf on the point. After a quick run around on Saturday morning, one of the local back-beaches was locked in for the competition site - no else was out and although it was a bit wobbly, there were consistent rights running down the beach.

Proceedings got off to a very lazy start, as event organisers were busy in the water, testing the main bank. Surf club is a very casual organisation and the main aim of the day is always to have fun! After a enjoying a nice free surf together, eventually we were all ready to get going - heat one finally took to the water around 8-8:30.

Most competitors were on longboards however there was a mid-length or two in the mix and even a finless foamy. We were stoked to see that this event was the closest yet to a 50-50 representation between the Men’s and Women’s draw with 19 in the mens and 15 in the womens draw. Even new mum Breezy was thrown in to the comp, handing off baby Alva to his dad to successfully surf her way through to the next round!

Half way through the event the onshore came up and the already sectioning peak became a full-on washing machine. By the finals, most competitors were up to their 4th surf before midday (including the first free surf) and with waves breaking all over the place, spaghetti arms were standard.

In the women’s final, Clare, Jessamyn and Cass all dug deep, however Roisin carried on as she had all event, making the wobbly conditions look easy - styling through noserides and drop knee turns to take out her second consecutive Surf Club win.

Open Womens
1st Roisin Carolan
2nd Clare Sullivan
3rd Cass Hurrell
4th Jessamyn Jean

Dom, Jack and Kahu all surfed very well in the mens final and it was very close call, but in the end Myles Doughman took it out. Myles was crowd favourite throughout the event and rode some of the longest waves - tearing through his signature drop knee turns and some sizzling noserides in the final to take home the win.

Open Mens
1st Myles Doughman
2nd Kahu Andronicus
3rd Jack Medland
4th Dom Sullivan

A few beers had already been handed out on the beach and most wasted no time in heading to Andy’s for the BBQ / presentation. Stone and wood’s were on ice and the sun was shining brightly as everyone rolled up. The Surf Club preso is at least half of the fun and this was no exception, inevitably ending up at the infamous Crescent Head bowling club. On Sunday, those who could still lift their arms were lucky enough to score head-high offshore peaks on one of the back beaches and surfed until they could barely paddle in! Celebrations continued for Myles who surfed all day with his car and friends posted up on the beach in front of the peak. What a weekend.

As always - anyone and everyone is welcome at surf club. It is a great way to get to know those faces that you always see in the water! Details on the next comp coming soon (tentatively 27th of October).

Photos by Mike Porter & Wild Things