PT-1 Greenough Power Trailer (Futures)

True Ames
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( 1 Fin Set ) Futures Compatible: The PT-1 was designed to replace the third fin in your thruster, or it can be added to your favorite twin as a trailer. This concept will supply added projection as well as a loose, free, and energized feeling from a trailer fin. The PT-1 features the unique stiff leg and paddle flex characteristic similar to other Greenough designs which will liven up the response from your board. This fin is specially constructed from a proprietary blend of unidirectional epoxy laminate produced under high pressure that allows for optimal and performance.

HEIGHT: 4.75" / 121 mm

BASE: 2.70" / 69 mm

AREA: 12.95"? / 83.74cm?

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PT-1 Greenough Power Trailer (Futures)