Smooth Operator (square tail) 9'2

A really nice smooth op Square tail, 9mm cedar stringer, Farrelly foam, 2 tone pigment abstract. This one has a very slightly pulled in nose for slicing through the soup. If you spend most of your time surfing beach breaks conditions, this is a great board at a manageable length with super soft rounded low volume rails and a subtle rolled bottom. It feels very nice.

The name sums it up well ... A stable board with slight rocker, a rolled bottom and rails that allow the rider to stay in the pocket. The widepoint is set back slightly for stable noseriding and thin rails facilitate drop-knee turns and manoeuvrability. This is a classic version of its little sister, the Operator, slightly narrower with a little more volume in the rail for easy glide on smaller days.

Gato Heroi Smooth Operator (squaretail) x Carl Gonsalves from Wild Things on Vimeo.


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