Simpkins Sliver 9'5

RGK Limited edition SLIVER, 9'5 with top and bottom resin tint.

Cody Simpkins is an absolute ANIMAL in the WATER..and to satisfy his radical and highly unique, animalistic style the THE SLIVER WAS BORN... cody being a long time TEAM RIDER for GATO HEROI turns heads in the water with HESH style and RAW talent.. Lance CARsOn on speed.. Cody is unmatched in the water... the sliver's lines are finely foiled and refined with very bladey rails that sit low in the water, a soft rolled bottom...EXTREMELY responsive and the fasted board in the GATO CLASSIC PERFORMANCE FAMILY... with long low drawn out continuous rocker this board DEMANDS trim and direction change and being in the right spot on the wave at all times... When you watch cody surf he is constantly finding the maneuver line and putting the board in the right spot to get the maximum performance out of the board and wave... this board will preform in any wave that you put it in... great on the nose and tail... all around SIMPKINS SLIVER performance... find the pocket and SLICE SOUP... for examples of codys surfing pick up SUMMER OF THE CAT or simply look on slave4soup blog for quick clips... this board will enhance your surfing by forcing the rider to put the SLIVER IN THE RIGHT SPOT AT THE RIGHT TIME... timing is crucial with Cody's surfing and the SLIVER... this model is great for just triming if wanted, but to truly get the full performance out of it ya gotta jive... SIMPKINS SLIVER ONLY AVAILIBLE WITH GATO HEROI DONT FALL FOR IMPOSTERS....


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