Daley Driver 9'6 (SOLD)

DALEY DRIVER... NARROW PIN with wide point center and more ear in the nose than most of our other family members. Standard dimensions 9'3 to 9'7, 16.5 in the nose 13.5 in the tail and 21 wide. This board was made to be an EVERYDAY board surfed from 2 feet to overhead with relatively PARALLEL outline through the center meeting to curve in nose and tail.. Meant for longer drawn out cutbacks and daily performance. The Narrow Pin results in performance off the tail and FULLER more eared nose to allow for long nose rides in THE POCkEt. Continual ROCKER lower in the NOSE standard for GATO but more overall rocker than most of our models makes this Board very loose and responsive and hungry for direction change and always being in the right spot on the wave..THE BOTTOM contours are flat with roll in the shoulders and slight vee in the tail. The LINES/ FOIL/PLANE SHAPE of the DALEY DRIVER make it great for BEACHBREAKS, POINTS, REEFS ANYTHING THAT BREAKS... CUT BACK when you need, drive off the bottom, accelerate through hollow sections. This board has proved its worth all over the WITH ROBIN test driving and dialing in the model in well over head central AMERICA and Morroco. NaRROW fast and responsive which is great for sliders wanting to make the TRANSITION from shorter equipment to long WITHOUT the feeling of performance REstriction. higher rocker allows late take off's in tight sections with ease ... EVERYDAY performance IN ALL CONDITIONS... GATO'S GREAT FOR YOUR DAILY DRIVE......


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