Dagger 9'4

GATO HEROi DEATH DAGGER honed in on the southern coast of California in all types of conditions . This was Al Knost's Gato model...fast lines and great nose riding ability in the pocket, its noticeably LOOSE and responsive.. suiting the long time testing grounds of NEWPORT and it's quick punchy hollow beach breaks, this board is great for all around conditions...from head high to small peaks... fuller rails than most of our models allows it to still perform well in slower more gradual faced waves as tested at sano for years. Wide point back as well as roll through out the board and low nose rocker for speed down the line with forward TRIM ... with hips aft and pig like outline on acid bottle necking into a small square tail for quick response on the tail and for full blooded cutbacks...made to be a more responsive and aggressive (but loggier) gato model. Faster and more responsive than traditional nose riders, the dagger is now an RK special - meaning availability is extremely limited!


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