In the early days of creme, Robin was working in San Clemente, and Mat Biolos had the ...lost factory across the street. One day mat brought MR over to check Robin’s boards out. Mark was stoked with what Robin was doing and the anti fish was the result of their time together in the bay. Entry v into a double into v out the swallow tail, fluted flyers, relatively hard edged rail. This board is designed to be surfed thicker than your normal shortboard so it sits higher in the water.

Robin has worked with Mike Psillakis, one of Australia's best shortboard shapers, further honing the anti fish for Australian conditions. This one features a Fender Starburst airbrush fade spray deck and bottom, 6mm obech stringer Glass on MR2 fins on a Midget blank (green grade foam medium weight/density)  Spiral V, swallow tail with fluted flyers, loose, radical and surfs vertical in the pocket. These boards are ridiculously fun and fast, a twin fin that will surf on your backhand as nice as your forehand.
Dimensions on this one, 5'10 x 20 x 2 1/2.Glassed on fins.


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