Speed Acid 10

The acid series was Conceptualised by Robin over 10 years ago prior to a trip to Morocco, we tested prototypes in long running points from knee high to double over head. The Acid series has evolved from these early trips into a few models, but these 9 – 10 ft boards are based closely on what we were surfing. Incredible paddle speed, driving speed on the open face, they loves surfing with rails engaged, encouraging you to take different lines than your normal board. The acid will surprise you with its original approach in all situations through turns and tubing sections when there is swell, or screaming through knee hi hollow sections in trim…

This one is 10' x 22 x 3 1/8 with 9mm cedar stringer, volan top & bottom, wishbone cut lap, leash bridge, glass on Gato Heroi C-Fin 9.7 Cherry, limited Gato script decal