RGK Playpig 9'6 (USED)

The Creme Play Pig is a classic 60's inspired log, the wide point set right back with a pulled in nose and a tight pin tail. The bottom contour is rolled from nose to tail complemented by a rail foil that is boxy relative to most Gato Heroi's, but inline with the fuller Creme models. Entry rocker is quite pronounced mellowing in the back 2/3's of the board and gradually extending throughout the tail. True to its period of inspiration the Playpig is a very cruisy board to surf, it pivots nicely from the tail and really feels like a classic board when coupled with a D fin or something with similar volume... Smooth, stylish, classic surfing.

Blood red t&b, gloss, 1/2 inch cedar stringer, volan knee & tail patch, leash bridge

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